Why do teams love PixelMixer?

I launched PixelMixer to help my teams deliver faster and achieve more. I first embraced the power of video as a communication tool during my tenure at “the social network”. We used it to exchange ideas between designers, product managers, business users, and development teams. When people I had never met in person (such as the Zuck!) told me how much they enjoyed my team’s showcases, I realized there was a potential to unlock tremendous value from video within the workplace.

While the end goal isn’t necessarily to make you Intranet famous, PixelMixer will ensure your teams, ideas, and people get the attention they deserve. Video can open doors, make new connections, elevate learning, and spread information. It excites me to see users constantly discovering new capabilities, but off the bat they include idea pitches, product demos, UX walkthroughs, sprint showcases, code reviews, coordination across time-zones, stand-ups, testing evidence, tech talks, on-boarding, team recognition, and turning your meeting recordings into consumable information.

Below are some my favorite examples of how we are helping a few knowledge-centric organizations unlock their teams’ potential.

Case Studies

Gap eCommerce (Gap Tech) teams use PixelMixer as knowledge repository so software developers can quickly find information about different projects and practices and also share with other teams what they are building/working on so others (including senior leadership) are constantly in the loop.

Walmart eCommerce (Walmart Labs) uses PixelMixer with teams located in different continents so they can update each other asynchronously other without the need to stay up into the wee hours of the night. Stand-ups are recorded so the team members on the other side of the world can tune in to the updates during normal business hours.

SalesForce uses PixelMixer to create screen recordings to demonstrate setup instructions within their product. The videos cover a wide array of highly specific activities, can be created by anyone within the organization, and are available for others to find via PixelMixer search + auto-transcription + keyword detection.

Macys.com is known for being an amazing place to work and for great holiday parties. Organizers create channels for events where attendees post their recorded videos. PixelMixer security features ensure employee privacy and avoids impact to brand reputation. 

Facebook likes PixelMixer and uses it to showcase product demos and team accomplishments. This helps build stronger connections in the social workplace.

What’s next..

At your core, what do you feel are the most valuable assets within your organization? If the answer is people, knowledge, ideas, teamwork, and collaboration then I invite you to give our service a try as we strive to enable you to unlock unrealized potential within your teams.

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