Transform Meetings Recordings into Knowledge


Zoom is a powerful tool – perhaps critical to enabling you to do your job. But what happens when a key player isn’t available to attend meeting?

In the modern workplace where social distancing and distributed workforces are the norm, the benefits of knowledge sharing, personal connection, and direct communication are at a premium. Gone are the days of peeking over the cubicle wall or walking across the office to ask a question!

So how do we empower knowledge workers with the information they need without making them sit through Zoom meetings all day?

What is PixelMixer?

PixelMixer is a cloud based video tool that enables people on your team to extract relevant information from meeting recordings without having to watch the whole thing.

Think of PixelMixer as your team’s personal meeting minutes taker that is with you on every Zoom so those critical takeaways are never lost. It transforms your meetings into a tool for looping in the right people and automatically notifies others about topics they should be aware of. PixelMixer is able to do all of this while giving you complete control over who should have access and insight into who has watched.

PixelMixer transforms your organization into an open office setting, even if you are dispersed by by geography, time zone, or department. Now meetings provide lasting value and become a discoverable part of your knowledge library. Whether you are trying to increase your outreach, enable self-service, improve productivity or elevate visibility of your team’s work, PixelMixer is a valuable asynchronous communication tool.

How does the Zoom App work?

Once the app is installed, PixelMixer will automatically analyze your Zoom meeting recordings and transcriptions in order to identify the interesting parts. You can share these tagged videos one at a time through PixelMixer or you can invite your entire team so they will be automatically notified as recordings are available.

The PixelMixer Link App automatically saves Zoom recordings into your PixelMixer content library so you can find quickly them later when needed.

Enable the Zoom app within your PixelMixer User Preferences from the Integrations tab.

Additionally, others on your team can be automatically notified about any new recordings related to topics they are interested in: Click here for more information about PixelMixer Keyword Alerts.

Make it easier for you and your team to share knowledge with the PixelMixer Link App for Zoom:

Also available from the Zoom App Store

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