Founder University

I am always blown away by the presentations at This Week in Startups events and the latest Founder University was no different, but still a delightful surprise. On Monday, David Hassell with 15Five blew my mind with his vision of the future the workplace. Themes of trust, communication and technology pervaded and I couldn’t help but admire and be inspired by how much PixelMixer vibes with his message.

On Tuesday, I had the honor and privilege of meeting Whitney Sales, founder of the Sales Method and managing director with Acceleprise. Again her message embraced trust, communication and transparency as they relate to our Sales to Market plan and message. She reminded me that no matter what you think you are selling, what you are really selling is yourself – and people like to buy the products they like and appeal to them on a personal level.

A special thanks to Jacqui Deegan and Jason Calacanis for their endless contributions to the startup community, people like me and those who are different. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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