Elevate Training, On-Boarding, and Information Sharing to the Next Level

Work smarter, not harder – with PixelMixer, you can do just that. PixelMixer is a simple knowledge sharing service that takes away the time consuming pain of onboarding, training, how-to’s, and more. We give you the tools you need to easily record your screen, webcam, and meeting recordings so you can make them available for instant access by whoever needs them. Say so-long to lengthy, boring documentation and say hello to an intelligent, time-saving solution that helps your team move faster.

A Single Place to Create, Save, and Manage Your Videos

If your company is like so many today, time and people are your most valuable assets. How do you leverage the skills and expertise of your top talent without overloading them with more work? How much time and money does it cost to train someone in a new role? When a critical resource moves on, are all of those valuable skills walking out the door with them? 

The solution is to take advantage of video for knowledge sharing. With PixelMixer, you can save, search and manage all of your important video content in one place. Nothing teaches, instructs, or inspires like video – with PixelMixer, you can give your team all the tools they need to truly unlock their potential.

Easy Recording, Instant Retrieval, Smart Viewing

Recording, finding, and watching video is a snap with PixelMixer.

  • Easily record your screen and webcam from your browser or mobile device.
  • Simple, powerful tools for importing, syncing, saving, and searching meeting recordings.
  • Automatic transcription and topic detection – no more sifting or watching endless hours of video to find the important parts.
  • Intelligent notifications so you never miss an important video.
  • Collaborate easily with built-in chat, comments, likes, and sharing.
  • Cloud-hosted solution – no software required.
  • No complicated setup – get up and running instantly.

Go From Zero to Self-Service Knowledge Library in No Time

You can talk faster than you can type and nothing communicates more information than video. With PixelMixer, you can quickly build your own content library with no other software required. Record your screen and webcam at the touch of a button or import recordings from your favorite virtual meeting tool. 

Your Search for a Knowledge Sharing Service Ends with PixelMixer

PixelMixer is affordable, easy to use, and powerful – it’s the perfect companion application for anyone looking to supercharge their collaboration, team building, service engagement, and customer communications.

  • Powerful search: Find and jump to the exact part of a video you are looking for in seconds
  • Fully customizable: Configure the features and security controls that work for you and your team
  • Enable seamless integration with other productivity tools such as Slack and Zoom to further enhance access and engagement
  • No training required: PixelMixer is so easy, you can start using it in seconds – literally
  • Analytics with powerful insights: Know who is searching for and watching what topics in order to inform future content creation

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